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THERMAL Solutions

Thermacoustic TC-417  (TC-417), is a general purpose spray on biosoluble glasswool that is very cost effective as a monolithic thermal barrier especially in situations where top grade architectural flatness is not a high priority.

TC-417 also works brilliantly well as an acoustic absorber.

TC-417 can be pumped from up to 50 mts away, and it unique formulation allows it to be applied up to 150 mm  (R4.5) thick in one single application.

Efficient application is achieved by a crew consisting of 3-4 workers , consisting of : One Sprayer, one Machine Feeder and one (or more) Cleaners to maintain good site housekeeping.

TC-417 has a very acceptable popcorn texturedvisual  appearance off-the-gun,  and may be flattened by tamping to provide a more level look. Available in a stunning “Vivid White”, TC-417 may alternatively be colour dyed on Site or over painted with an acrylic paint to achieve an architectural hue.

This is best used in areas where a thermal rating is required while no ceiling is being installed – making it a hot favourite for satisfying BCA/Section J thermal requirements to Car Park Slabs, Plantroom and Roof Soffits.

TC-417 may be used in any building, with or without a sprinkler system complying with Specification E 1.5 in accordance with Specification C 1.10 Table 2.


Tested Standards
AS 1530.3 Spread of Flame Index : 0
Smoke Developed Index : 2
AS 3837 Heat & Smoke Release : Group 1
Specific Extinction Area : 44.5 m2 /kg
ASTM C-518 Thermal Resistance R : 0.74 @ 25 mm
Thermal Conductivity λ : 0.0346 W/m.oK
ASTM E-136 Non Combustible : Yes
ASTM C-413 Noise Reduction Coeff @ 50mm : NRC 1.00
ISO 354 Noise Reduction Coeff @ 50mm : NRC 0.95
ASTM D -76-00 Air Erosion : Approved
AS 4859.1 Compliance : Yes
ASTM-E759-92 (Reapproved 2011) Seismic Compliance : Yes

Material Safety Data Sheet,TC-417 General Brochure,