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Section J Compliance


Section J Compliance

NO BIG MYSTERY – This simply refers to the Section with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) issued  by the Australian Building Code Board that defines minimum Energy Efficiency levels & methods that need to be obtained in new constructions.

The general objective is for all new buildings

‘to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by using energy saving design, construction and materials’

Section-JSection J reports address the following areas;

Part J1 – Building Fabric

Part J2 – External Glazing

Part J3 – Building Sealing

Part J4 – Air Movement

Part J5 – Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

Part J6 – Artificial Lighting and Power

Part J7 – Hot Water Supply

Part J8 – Access for Maintenance

Spray applied Thermacoustic TC 417 and AF 90 and extremely useful in satisfying the specifications of Part J1 (Building Fabric).

These products are simply spray applied to:
– Underside of metal roofs
– Underside of concrete slab soffits
– Masonry walls

to cost effectively achieve the requisite Thermal Ratings stipulated within Part 1 of Section J.

On completion of the application we (as applicators) will need to certify that the coating/lining of Thermacoustic TC 417 or AF 90 achieves the requirements of the relevant Part of Section J, while stipulating the System Thermal Rating obtained.

In addition Thermacoustic TC 417 and AF 90 also need to be certified that the Fire / Smoke Resistance levels are achieved – as measured by Australian Standards AS 3837 & AS 1530.3

And yes – Spray Applied Thermacoustic TC 417 and AF 90 have both been tested to AS 3837 & AS 1530.3, and achieve the best possible result.