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ACOUSTIC Solutions

AF-90, is a textured acoustic spray on ceiling system that provides for more demanding visual designs, especially in situations where top grade architectural good looks are required.

AF-90 also works brilliantly well as a thermal barrier

It is recommended that AF-90 be applied to a maximum thickness of 25mm, as greater applications do not result in any significant acoustic performance beyond an NRC ( Noise Reduction Coeff) of 0.90.

Typically, an optimum thickness of 15mm (NRC 0.65) applied to 70% of available ceiling areas, would offer brilliant reverberation control in most open plan office situations, including Call Centre.

Efficient application is achieved by a crew consisting of 3-4 workers, consisting of: One Sprayer, one Machine Feeder and one (or more) Cleaners to maintain good site housekeeping.

AF-90 is available in an illuminating “Vivid White”, and may be colour dyed on Site, or over painted with an acrylic paint, to achieve a specific final look.

This is best used in areas where a chic smart looking acoustic ceiling / soffit is required– making it highly suitable for restaurants, meeting rooms, open plan offices, libraries and Call Centres.

AF-90 may be used in any building, with or without a sprinkler system complying with Specification E 1.5 in accordance with Specification C 1.10 Table 2.


Tested Standards
AS 1530.3 Spread of Flame Index : 0
Smoke Developed Index : 2
AS 3837 Heat & Smoke Release : Group 1
Specific Extinction Area : 44.5 m2 /kg
ASTM C-518 Thermal Resistance R : 0.65 @ 25 mm
Thermal Conductivity λ : 0.0390 W/m.oK
ASTM E-136 Non Combustible : Yes
ASTM C-423 Noise Reduction Coeff (12mm) : NRC 0.60
ASTM C-423 Noise Reduction Coeff (25mm ) : NRC 0.90
MIL-STD 810E Fungal Resistance : No growth
AS 4859.1 Compliance : Yes
ASTM-E759-92 (Reapproved 2011) Seismic Compliance : Yes

Material Safety Data Sheet,AF-90 General Brochure,